Sean Hartel - November 2009 blog entry

Wed, 11/18/2009

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a crazy month! First, I hope all of you get to check out the November issue of Powder Magazine that just hit stands. If you’ve been following my blogs regularly, you already know about Tahoe Freeride—it’s the business I started to give young athletes experience in skiing and snowboarding. Powder did an article on the program and there are some killer photos, too. And don’t miss page 48 - one of my favorites! It was shot by Ben Meester. We shoot together regularly and I’ll be working with him on a few trips this year. [check out the full article here]

I moved into my new place a few weeks ago and I love it! I live right at the bottom of Mountain Creek, which has one of the best terrain parks in the east, and I get to train every night!!!! I got a membership at the best health club in town, which put a serious dent in my wallet at $950, but it's becoming very worthwhile already. I've been lifting every night for two hours, working with a personal trainer, and taking yoga and stretching courses. And on top of it all, before I hit the gym I've been warming up with a 45 minute trampoline session. I set it up in my back yard and surrounded it with construction lights so I can take care of business in the dark! Fun stuff - so pumped for this winter! I'm gonna KILL IT!!!!!! Oh, and stay tuned for footage of me on the trampoline and at the gym. I’m editing some bits as we speak.

My sponsors are real stoked, too and very supportive of my east coast move. A good ski sponsor is imperative for a successful freerider. Not so much for the money and product, but for the leverage they have in the industry, marketing opportunities, and the ability they have to pull strings to get their athletes into invite competitions and shoots. I'm currently discussing options with Völkl Skis. When I was in Whistler for WSI last spring, my skis broke and I used a pair from another rider who skis for Völkl. I rode them for the whole week and they were pretty ridiculous. They would be a sick company to ride for because they are really embracing the freeride side of skiing, and they are one of the oldest and biggest manufacturers in the industry.

Anyways, I hope everything is going well with you all and you're getting excited for the snowboard season!!!!


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